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Club partner

You can register your company in companies directory. On that page, use the Partner registration button which will take you to the registration form. You can found a current annual fee there.

This is a very inexpensive, yet effective way to come to the attention of a wide range of users and site visitors.

Generally throughout the site applies a strict commercial advertising ban to all users (see Rules). Companies registered as Partners have an exception in this, however, in some reasonable extent.

How it looks and works you can see on the Subaru club site: Partners sample.

Partner registration


Board allows displaying of short text messages (max 60 characters). May contain a link. It appears on all pages at the top. On board there are always displayed 10 recently written texts - they rotate in the interval of 4 seconds.

Place your message here - get hundreds of thousands views.

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Tailor-made advertisiement

We have monthly 903 page views, 513 visits and 441 users (RU).

Depending on the amount of funds that you can invest to advertising campaigns on this website, there are various options and we can arrange almost anything.

Ad placements can be on positions where are currently AdWords ads, but there is a possibility to arrange a private placement, too.

Ad formats

  • Graphical and video ads
    • Leaderboard (728x90) ... everywhere except the main page
    • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) ... Main page + many others
    • Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
    • Banner (468 x 60) ... Main page
    • Mobile banner (320 x 50) ... Mobile version
    • Half banner (234 x 60) ... Articles
    • Custom 1 (185 x 45) ... Main page

Inquire about advertising

Who feel they do not need advertising, may for a time be forgotten at the expense of those who know they are investing in advertising worthwhile.

Google AdWords

We also use the most widely used Google AdWords advertising system. You may create an advertisement by yourself via or ask your advertising agency to do it for you. Alternatively, write us and we will arrange it for you.

Inquire about advertising (Google AdWords)

Targeting / Placement

To display your ads on our website, you must choose the "Targeting / Placement" - click on the "Add multiple placemens at once" (without that it does not work even when you want to add only one site or domain) and in the form that will be opened insert domain and confirm by the "Add" button.

Instructions can be found here: How to add managed placement for a concrete website.